Marriage Tune-Up for Husbands by Nick Gonzalez

Nick & Marisol Gonzalez

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Marriage Tune-Up for Husbands

10 Relationship Checkpoints to Keep the Spark Alive. This online course becomes available on Saturday, September 19, 2020 at noon, PST.  Pre-order today.

What's this online course about?

“Marriage Tune-Up for Husbands” Finally Reveals How to Have a Passionate and Loving Relationship with Your Wife…

Discover the 10 Practical Checkpoints that you can use to revive the passion in your marriage and ignite that new-relationship spark once again!

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It’s no secret that there are many well-written and practical books out there that help women find the love of their life or make their existing relationships more passionate.

But there aren’t as many great resources out there that men can seek help from and get practical advice on how to keep their relationship alive.

Here is the thing…

Most men have not been trained for long-term relationships. Many don’t know what it takes to be in a real relationship – a relationship that should last a lifetime.

So, they make common mistakes that affect their relationships adversely and take the spark and passion out of their relationship.

Their spouse slowly starts to avoid them and maybe event resent them to the point that some are just living together for the sake of their children…

What if there was a way to re-ignite the spark in your relationship just like it was when you first met your wife?
Wouldn’t it be amazing to revive the passion and love in your relationship and start leading a happier life – filled with love for your wife and kids?

Introducing the Marriage Tune-Up for Husbands Online Course.

A much-needed resource that reveals 10 practical checkpoints that every husband can use to instantly revive the passion and love in their relationship.

The author, Nick Gonzalez, is the father of four wonderful adult children who are now all young professionals. He shares valuable experiences from his personal life – how he grew up and how he was able and continues to have not only a prosperous marriage of 31 years but also a meaning relationship with his wife.

This course sheds light on how the author and his lovely wife, Marisol, raised four children who are now successful and happy in their own lives.

Nick and Marisol have been helping couples (especially husbands) for over 25 years with their marriage and family issues. His mission is to genuinely help people revive, build and strengthen their marriages to be all the God has called them to be.

Here is what you’ll learn inside this course:

1) Create a master plan for your marriage relationship.

2) How to take intimacy with your wife to another level.

3) Control your anger and avoid the moments that you later regret.

4) How to prioritize time for your wife and family and enjoy fruitful rewards.

5) Enjoy the blessing of forgiveness and reconciliation.

6) Admire the uniqueness of your wife as well as her giftedness.

7) The importance of providing spiritual leadership to your family.

8) Pay attention to your wife and children and be aware of their needs.

And much more…

So, what are you waiting for? Simply click the link below to enroll in this course at a massive 25% discount and take your married life and relationship to new heights – full of passion and love!

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What's included in this course?

This course comes with 10 checkpoints for men.  Topic's include:

Checkpoint 1. Dream Together

Create a master plan for your relationship. Your master plan is the vision for your marriage. It's been said that without a vision, people perish. I like to say that with a vision, couples flourish!

Checkpoint 2. Go to bed at the same time.

Learn the benefits of going to bed at the same time as your wife.

Checkpoint 3: Control your anger.

Learn the benefits of controlling your anger. 

Checkpoint 4: Love honor and cherish your wife.

Learn the rewards of prioritizing time with your wife and family.

Checkpoint 5: Don't neglect to provide spiritual leadership.

Learn the significance of providing spiritual leadership.

Checkpoint 6: Eat together with your wife and family often.

Learn the benefits of eating together with your family.

Checkpoint 7: Learn to say, “I’m sorry”.

Learn the advantages and blessings of forgiveness.

Checkpoint 8: Don't make unfavorable comparisons to others.

Learn to admire the uniqueness of your wife.

Checkpoint 9: Recognize and praise the little attempts to please you.

Learn to be aware and pay attention to what's happening in your marriage and children. 

Checkpoint 10: Flee sexual temptation.

Learn how to prevent and avoid infidelity, affairs, and adultery. 
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How do I enroll?

Just click the enroll now button and follow instructions.

How long is this course?

Each chapter takes about 20 minutes to go through. You can take as long as you like. The is no time limit.