Unbreakable Marriage by Nick Gonzalez

Nick & Marisol Gonzalez

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Unbreakable Marriage

The Power of Vision in Meaningful Relationships. This book becomes available on November 2, 2020. Support the pre-launch and purchase your copy today. Thanks in advance.

About the book

Discover how to build a flourishing, lasting marriage with the 6 steps to relationship success!

Are you a new or established couple, and you want to know how to create a happier and more fulfilling relationship together? Do you want to find a proven, long-term vision for your future? Then this book is for you.

Far too many people are trapped in unhappy marriages because they’ve failed to build the foundations for success. Chemistry and good communication simply aren’t enough – if you want to build a relationship that truly lasts, you need a proven framework with a master plan in mind. So how can you build this plan for the future? And how can you strive to reach happiness as both a couple and a team?

In this book, you’ll join author Nick Gonzalez as he shares his experiences helping countless couples improve their lives. Drawn from his own lessons gathered over 30+ years of marriage, as well as timeless Biblical wisdom, Unbreakable Marriage explores how you can transform your relationship with 6 powerful, thought-provoking steps.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

• Essential Techniques For Identifying and Solving Problems
• Why You Should Be Focusing on The Big Picture (and What Happens If You Get Lost In The Details)
• Practical Methods For Long-Term Vision and Relationship Goals
• Tips and Tricks For Improving Your Bond and Keeping Your Marriage Fresh
• Biblical Foundations For a Lasting and Fulfilling Relationship
• And So Much More…

Regardless of whether you’re newlyweds, fiancés, or if you’ve been married for decades, this brilliant guidebook reveals how you can enjoy a deeper connection with your partner, and how you can work together to bring direction, guidance, and positivity into your relationship.

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Meet the family

Nick Gonzalez, M. Div. is an author, minister, teacher, and outdoors enthusiast with a passion for helping others.  Married for over 30 years and the father of four wonderful children, Nick has been helping couples for over 25 years to improve their marriages and parenting skills. He hopes to educate readers through his writing, showing them the proven foundations for building happy, healthy, and lasting marriages.  Nick graduated from V.E.T.I. Bible Institute, LABI Bible College, Faculty of Theology, and he earned a Master of Divinity from Azusa Pacific University. He was born in San Francisco, and now lives in Southern California.